Judy Higgins

“A Reckoning of Wolves is a superb blend of suspense, romance, and naivete!”

Devastated when his fiancé leaves him, Dr. Victor Lawson accepts the invitation of a beautiful and mysterious Al Saud princess to lecture in a Saudi medical school for four weeks. Believing the adventure will help him get over his heartbreak, he takes off for Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. In Riyadh, the princess begs him to perform two favors. Despite knowing that Saudi Arabia is not a country where customs are to be trifled with, he accedes and does what she asks. At the end of his lecture tour, she convinces him to smuggle a seemingly insignificant object out of the country. With the device hidden in his shaving kit, he returns to the U.S. to find himself in mortal danger as Saudi agents attempt to recover the object. With nowhere to hide and no one to help, Victor knows that not only is he in danger of suffering the same fate as the dismembered journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, but that Sandra, his former fiancé whom he still loves, is also in danger.

“Riveting and scary but with wit and humor.”

“A book with timely significance.”

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